Health, P.E. & Outdoor Education


This class is taught with the emphasis on current health issues. Students will participate in a variety of projects. These projects will include a school murder mystery, whole body project, and ethics in advertising program. Students use the internet, interactive computer programs, and an interdisciplinary approach which includes labs with the human biology class. Students who complete the Red Cross requirerments also receive a CPR/First Aid certification.

Physical Education

Lifetime recreation and fitness are the main components of physical education at Point Option. Students leave campus for these activities and travel to the local parks, Y.M.C.A., Sentara Fitness Club, Peninsula Wellness and Fitness Center, and the local bowling alley. Activities include volleyball, walleyball, swimming, raquetball, golf, archery, and non-competitive games. Students also develop a personel fitness program which includes work on stationary cardiovascular equipment and weight machines.

Outdoor Education

Point Option teachers understand that learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Students learn best when they can put their learning into action.

Outdoor English is a co-taught, double-block class that allows students to complete projects to prepare for overnight camping trips. Attendance on at least one trip per semester is required. Students develop reading, writing, and vocabulary skills as well as teamwork, fitness, and problem-solving abilities.

Past trips have included canoeing, backpacking, sea-kayaking, and caving. This class fills up fast! It is suitable for all grade levels.