Language Arts

Students are guided into taking an English class that satisfies his or her need based on grade level and interests. Courses such as English literature, American Literature, English Enrichment, and Public Speaking may be taught during a semester Period. We also offer some unique opportunities like Real Life Reading and Writing, Reading Outreach, and Outdoor English. Some of these classes are community-based. All English classes at Point Option are designed to prepare students to succeed on standardized tests and in their future careers.

  • English Literature
    This class is designed for seniors. Students will complete an in depth study of literature from all eras. In this class students will write essays, do research and computer projects on relevant study.

  • English Enrichment
    This class is designed for all grade levels. Students will strengthen grammar, reading, vocabulary, and writing skills.

  • Fun with Literature
    This class is designed for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. The students will study all genres through video, group sessions, dramas and creative projects. Students will get a chance to show creative abilities in writing, public speaking and acting.

  • Ethnic Literature/World Literature
    These classes cover an in-depth study of literacy works and the authors from many cultures.

  • Reading Outreach
    This is a community based course. Students will be assigned to an elementary school to work as a teacher's aide to one of the teachers to help an elementary school student with reading, math, writing, spelling and computer skills.

  • American Literature
    This is a survey course covering American Literature from pre-colonial times to the present. Students will read folk tales, essays, short stories, poems and novels which reflect the American experience and explore the meaning of “the American Dream.” Students will also develop writing, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building skills which will help prepare them for the English SOL tests required for graduation as well as SAT and other standardized tests. This course follows the Newport News Curriculum for 11 English.

  • Yearbook/Creative Writing
    Students enrolled in this class will focus on writing short stories and poetry. They may also explore autobiography, screen writing, and drama. Another important component of this course will be developing the Point Option Yearbook. Students will take and edit all pictures using digital cameras and computer editing software, as well as design all layouts and artwork. This is a highly collaborative class. Students meet regularly with a team of classmates to critique their work and help each other improve. It is suitable for all grade levels.

  • Real Life Reading and Writing
    RLRW is a new approach to Advanced Composition. Students will have opportunities to develop their writing skills with expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive essays. They will also explore work-place writing such as resumes, memos, and business letters. However, they will prepare for their writing by reading newspapers, magazines, essays, charts, tables, graphs, books, graphic novels, and so forth. They will also meet with writing groups to critique their work at various points within the writing process. This class is suitable for grades 11-12. Tenth graders may seek permission to take this class.

  • Outdoor English
    Point Option teachers understand that learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Students learn best when they can put their learning into action. Outdoor English is a co-taught, double-block class that allows students to complete projects to prepare for overnight camping trips. Attendance on at least one trip per semester is required. Students develop reading, writing, and vocabulary skills as well as teamwork, fitness, and problem-solving abilities. Past trips have included canoeing, backpacking, sea-kayaking, and caving. This class fills up fast! It is suitable for all grade levels.