Student Services

The goal of our student service program is to assist student in maximizing their growth potential in the areas of education, career development and personal/social skills as it relates to the global workforce. It is the mission of the Guidance and Counseling Department to be proactive with students and provide a variety of educational information and experiences. Below are services offered at Point Option.

  • Career Education
    Students will explore career opportunities in the 21st century, the impact of their values on career choices, school to work transitioning, and computer assisted career assessments. Students will be educated in the use of Kuder, a Virginia approved college and career software program, as well as how to access other websites that assist with future planning and educational financial assistance. Individual and student/parent conferences map out students' future career goals and how to attain those goals. Quarterly, community educators present local career opportunities to our students. Related: Career Pathways

  • Career and College Fairs
    Students are invited to an annual Regional College Fair and our students also participate in career fairs sponsored by Thomas Nelson Community College and New Horizon's Regional Education Center.

  • Testing and Test-Taking Skills
    All end of course Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are offered at Point Option numerous times during the year. Guidance also registers students and proctors the PSAT each October. Information is regularly displayed or distributed on the SAT and ACT. Prior to the PSAT, a test-taking skills workshop is offered to any interested students.

  • Student Advisory Program
    Students can apply to participate in our Student Advisory Program. These students assist with planning our school events and school spirit projects. Beginning this year, advisors will learn basic mentoring skills so they can assist new students' transition into our program.

  • Conflict Mediation
    These skills are encouraged with all of our students. As a result of being in a small, cohesive program, students learn that conflict resolution is a norm in our school environment. It is an expectation that conflicts will be resolved before they escalate. Much of this teaching is done through faculty role modeling and having an open door policy for students to express their concerns.

  • Classroom Guidance
    Group guidance meetings are held periodically with seniors and with all underclassmen. The purpose of these meetings is to distribute general information on graduation requirements, academic planning as well as future planning and opportunities. Occasionally, we also have speakers come in to present their career information.

  • Crisis Intervention/Individual Counseling
    Guidance provides crisis intervention for students and families who are experiencing stressful situations at home or at school. Community referrals are made when appropriate. Guidance also provides short term counseling for students who request assistance with an educational or personal concern. Again, community referrals may be given to the student and/or family.

  • Identified Youth Group
    Beginning this year, a student support group will be offered to any interested students, with parental permission. This group will be determined by staff and student surveys distributed in late September.

  • Guidance Newsletters
    Newsletters are mailed to parents/guardians and students each quarter of the year, sharing guidance and school information.