About Point Option

The mission of Point Option is to foster personal and academic growth in non-traditional students with diverse learning styles, utilizing a small, supportive and challenging environment. Download brochure.


  • All students have the ability to experience success.
  • All students have worth.
  • Personal responsibility is essential to success.
  • All students should have the opportunity to excel.
  • Learning extends beyond the classroom.
  • Positive home-school relationships enhance student potential.


  • Offer youth who struggle to fit into the comprehensive high school environment a viable opportunity for success.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to recover credits and/or accelerate the process to earn a high school diploma.
  • Help youth grow emotionally, work independently, and become more responsible for their own behavior.
  • Expose students to a variety of post-secondary educational and career experiences.

School Overview

As we recognize student and societal needs in the early 21st century, it is our goal to offer opportunities for students to experience unique approaches to education including:

  • small class sizes and flexible scheduling,
  • increased opportunity for individual attention,
  • team teaching, project-based learning, and community outreach,
  • the ability to accelerate their learning through technology.

As a teaching and learning community, Point Option emphasizes personal responsibility and self-reliance as keys to student success. Point Option is dedicated to the education of the whole person -- student and citizen. The student chooses Point Option, and he/she will be held to the highest ethical and behavioral standards.

Character Education Strand

Students at Point Option learn about character education, conflict mediation, personal responsibility and self-discipline. Students in the program have a voice in the determination of program policies, procedures, and consequences. Therefore, the Point Option student is expected to model appropriate behavior and possess the ability to make his or her own choices resulting in individual academic success. Students experiencing difficulty in their school or social life are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of life skills focus groups to assist with areas of concern in their lives.

Distance Learning Strand

Students may increase their course load utilizing a combination of classroom and distance learning opportunities.

  • Point Option, students are encouraged to enroll in an accelerated distance learning course(s) and will be required to maintain specific benchmarks in order to take maximum advantage of their placement at Point Option.
  • Students who are academically behind in their appropriate number of credits may also qualify to catch-up on their credits using the same model.

The opportunity to participate in our distance learning courses will be prioritized towards students who maintain the highest attendance. Failure to maintain adequate progress in any distance learning course may result in withdrawal from that course.

Admission Process

Admission to Point Option is voluntary and requires an official application. Students will be selected based on these factors:

  • the capability to be academically successful
  • appropriate school and social behavior

The Point Option School program offers a unique opportunity for the students in the Newport News community to experience teaching and learning in a non-traditional way. It also offers students of ability and determination a second chance to recapture credits and/or to accelerate their graduation in order to enter the workforce or post-secondary education. Download an application.