Social Studies

  • United States History
    United States history is the study of the exploration, settlement and development of the United States to the present time. The interaction of the Native Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians is considered both internally and globally. The five themes of geography are used to integrate the changing forces in the world order.

  • American Government
    A study of the content area of American Government from the principles handed down from our founding fathers to federalism as it exists today; from the nature and function of Congress and the Supreme Court to the struggle for civil rights and current domestic and foreign policy issues, and from the presidency to an important overview of state and local government systems and more.

  • World History / Geography
    World History is the study of people from prehistoric times to the present day. Students will discover some of the recurring patterns of history across the centuries. Students will also discover the reciprocal relationship between history and geography. This will be emphasized by a focus on five recurrent geographical themes: location, place, regions, movement, human/environment interaction.

  • Psychology
    Psychology is the study of the many fields of influence that affect human beings- biological, environmental, cognitive, psychodynamic and sociocultural. Using a holistic approach, students become more informed about themselves, human nature and political and social issues.

  • Street Law
    Street Law is a course dedicated to empowering people through law related education. Students will learn substantive information about law, democracy, and human rights through strategies that promote problem solving, critical thinking, cooperative learning, improved communication, conflict resolution skills, and the ability to participate effectively in society.

  • Applied Economics
    Applied Economics is a course designed to give students all the practical knowledge they will ever need to understand personal finance. Through practical exercises, students will understand important fiscal concepts such as investing, savings, credit, home buying, advertising, taxes, retirement planning, business planning, and other important topics. At the conclusion of the course, students will be empowered with the confidence to make informed financial decisions.